1. Hello,
    I thought this event was going to be broadcasted live but can’t find it anywhere on this site? Had been looking SO forward to it! hopefully I can find a rebroadcast of Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s appearance at Oakwood University Church soon!

    • You can view the event live here at 11 am CST, so in the next 2 minutes.

  2. Unless it’s 11 am, central time, not eastern time? That may be the reason I can’t find it yet??

    • Yes Central time. Go to

  3. Thank-you very much! I found it..:) 🙂

  4. I would love to see Magic Johnson’s visit to your church yesterday again since I was not able to catch all of it (connection issues). Is there a rebroadcast of it anywhere? and if so, could you please tell me where I could find it? Thank’s so much and God bless you all at Oakwood University!

    • You can view it again at the same location. It’s up now.

  5. Thank-you very much! I found it o.k.

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